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What Our Patients Have To Say

"I had injections in both my knees and one ankle three years ago. I was in severe pain from ACL surgeries and several sprains and breaks in my ankle. It was so bad, I could not sleep at night! My doctor told me the only way to get rid of pain was total knee replacement. I knew if I got that done, there would be no more running and tennis for me, so I turned to IMAC. After one week, I returned to running and all my active sports! I have zero pain in my knees and ankle! Recently, I have had hip pain due to a fall hiking on a mountain. I received medical treatments and I am planning another treatment soon. I am also back jogging and I am planning another hike up that same mountain! My advice to patients is: Don’t always resort to joint replacement. Try alternative treatments first! Thank you, IMAC! "


"I was told by an orthopedic surgeon I would need to have both my knees replaced, they were bone on bone. I was 64 & not ready for having that done. I decided to look into IMAC Regeneration Center. My first week I started with physical therapy & chiropractic and then medical treatments. Everyday it got better & better. I can do so much now, I can walk easier, keep up with my grandkids and I can even ride a bike. I got my knees back in shape! This place is awesome, they take such good care of you and everyone is so nice and friendly. If you’re looking to avoid surgery I highly recommend trying this place first."



"Before treatment at the IMAC Regeneration Center, my neck always felt swollen, and my right knee and back hurt constantly. My pain became worse after any physical activity, even after walking. I was considering knee replacement surgery but had already went through 3 spinal surgeries and a shoulder replacement. I did not want to go through another surgery if I didn’t have to! Now, after my treatments at IMAC, I can honestly say I feel better all around! The staff is wonderful- friendly, professional, and helpful. They all seem to really care about you. I can't thank the IMAC Regeneration Center enough! "



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