Dr. Vratislav Kejzlar Joins IMAC Regeneration Center of Paducah as Pain Specialist for Regenerative Medicine

Paducah, KY, September 8th, 2016: IMAC Regeneration Center of Paducah is pleased to announce long time Paducah physician, Dr. Vratislav Kejzlar, has joined the practice as a Pain Specialist for Regenerative Medicine.  Dr. Kejzlar brings decades of experience in chronic and acute pain management to IMAC’s mission of restored health without prescription medication or surgery.

Dr. Kejzlar grew up in Vladislav, Czechoslovakia where he completed his medical degree at Charles University in Prague.  After immigrating to the United States in 1975, he completed both his surgical and anesthesiology residencies at New York State University at Buffalo.  Dr. Kejzlar served as Head of Anesthesia at Baptist Health in Paducah and practiced at Anesthesiology of Paducah for almost 30 years. During his tenure, Dr. Kejzlar also served on the Medical Staff Executive Committee at Baptist Health. 

Throughout his education, training and career, Dr. Kejzlar has developed an extensive knowledge of human physiology and disease and is an expert in the field of chronic and acute pain management.  He will focus primarily on treatments for back, neck and joint pain as well as innovative stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures for degenerative diseases.

“We are excited to add Dr. Kejzlar to our medical staff.  He is a familiar face to our community and a highly skilled anesthesiologist which makes him a perfect fit to our practice,” said Matt Wallis, DC, Founder of IMAC Regeneration. “His expertise gives us the opportunity to add to our innovative nonprescription services.”

Dr. Kejzlar is looking forward to helping patients live a better quality of life through his work at IMAC.  “I have known Dr. Wallis for over 15 years as my wife and I have been patients of his. IMAC’s cutting edge regenerative medicine treatments with platelet rich plasma and stem cells stimulated my interest and led me to join the IMAC team.  I am passionate about helping our ‘young’ older generation continue their active lifestyle as well as to heal and regenerate injuries of all active individuals.” 

Dr. Kejzlar is married to his wife, Kathi, and has three children- Vratislav, Philip and Tereza as well as two grandchildren, Lola and Matej.  He enjoys fishing and traveling in his spare time.  Dr. Kejzlar is located at IMAC Regeneration Center in Paducah, KY at 2725 James Sanders Blvd.  He can be reached at 270-554-5114 for appointments.  To find out more about IMAC’s regenerative medicine treatments, please visit www.imacpaducah.com or email contactus@imacpaducah.com.